Double-Sided Covers for Full Body Length Mat, Wrap, Disc & Sit

Ultra-Soft Luxury Fleece Fabrics

Vinyl That Feels Like Leather


Double-Sided COVER Sets

Covers By-The-Piece


98% of Vinyl Is Toxic…. Not Mine!

Wipe clean with disinfectant, re-use.

FREE of Phthalate, Formaldehyde (known to cause cancer), Lead & BPA.

Anti-bacterial.  Anti-microbial.

Non-toxic vinyl… because why would you put toxic materials on a medical device!

Some Customer Reviews

The quality of the fabric is first class…

“I ordered a Bemer covers after my daughter told me how great they were. But they were way better than she described and much nicer than I expected.  Not only is the workmanship superb but the quality of the fabric is first class. As a matter of fact, I even ordered a second set because I loved the first one so much. They’re easy to wash and feel especially soft to the touch. Thank you so much!”

Nancy Smith

I love my Bemer covers!

I love my Bemer covers! Angela customized them for my needs and they fit perfectly! I received the covers in only a few days. I recommend everyone purchase them to keep your Bemer applicators protected and easy to clean inbetween demos.

Lori Bass

I love my BEMER covers…

“Hey Angela,  I love my BEMER covers and will tell others to buy from you.”

Colleen Carroll

I loved the faux beige

I loved the faux beige sheepskin covers that Angela sewed. They are soft, inviting and well made. They make the Bemer mat feel warmer. As a RN, I appreciate that they be can washed and air dried. Initially I purchased one for my rental unit but I wisely got one for myself as well. Olive Yonge RN, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


My wife is going crazy over it…

“We just did a health fair and everyone who got on the BEMER with your covers said how comfortable it was and even when the session was over didn’t want to get off! I know it’s (the cover) going to make the device more attractive who tries it out. My wife is going crazy over it. She wants to get on it more and sleeps everyday. Thank you and God bless you for doing these.”


I love, love, love both colors…

“Angela, I absolutely love the covers!!! They are so soft and nurturing feeling and I love, love, love both colors. This will truly enhance our experience!! Be happy, be well, BE LOVE!!”


Fabric quality is better than expected…

“Angela your covers arrived today and they are beyond fabulous! The workmanship and fabric quality is even better than I expected. You’re the BEST!”


You did a great job!

“I used one of your covers last night and it was very nice to use. It does enhance my experience. You did a great job!”


The covers arrived! I LOOOOOVE them!

“The covers arrived! I LOOOOOVE them! If I ever get a Bsit I will definitely get cover for that as well!  Thank you so much, dear Angela. Joyful blessings.”


Thanks so much!! Great Job!!

“Perfect! Have to agree on color. Sending to my rep so he can brag on about you. Would love to see some more BEMER customers from FL come to you!!! Thanks so much!! Great Job!!”

Christi Lavoy

They fit perfectly and I really do love them!

“Just wanted you to know that I have received all the covers I ordered and have installed the heavier fleece ones. They fit perfectly and I really do love them! Makes the B-Pad so much more comfortable and I’ve discovered that it also seems to keep the pad from shifting inside its original cover. That is an added benefit. I normally use my pad on top of sheets as it’s easier for me, so the fact that your cover lessens the “shifting” is a big plus for me. Thank you, again”

Hiroko Tanamachi

I will be ordering more colors from you soon…

“Good evening Angela.  I received my BEMER covers today. They were immaculately beautiful. Your tailoring skills and knowledge show by the design and authenticity of the BEMER covers. I will be ordering more colors from you soon.  Wow Angela you did a fantastic job for the B-sit. You are awesome. I thank you for all you do. I will definitely keep in touch when I need to place more orders either for me or friends.”

Stanley Aliu

I will order a second set soon…

“I love it! Especially like the texture and the color is beautiful, not too bright (eggplant). I will order a second set soon. Thank you!”


The covers are beautiful…

“Hi Angela, The covers are beautiful. The side Snaps worked beautiful. I thought of you every time I walked by them this week. I am setting up my displays for offering the bemer in the salon. They really look nice in the area I have them. Thanks”


Excellent level of service

I am very impressed with the level of service Angela provided me with my transaction! She quickly reached out to confirm my order and let me know what to expect. My responses caused her to recognize that I had probably made a mistake in my order. She was correct. I thought I had purchased vinyl covers but had mistakenly ordered cloth covers. Her effective communication allowed her to catch the mistake before shipping, so she saved both of us a hassle that would have been my fault.   Thank you for taking such good care of your customers, Angela!

Eric Collett
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