I love comfort. I love fabric and color. I love to sew! I hand select every fabric. Hand make every piece with love thinking of you opening up your cover package!

Making covers started because I didn’t like the manufacturers, industrial fabric next to my skin and I wanted clients to walk away with something in hand after they purchased their PEMF device as a celebration to a new healthier lifestyle.

While I appreciate the manufacturers fabric for protecting my equipment, I wanted something soft and comfy next to my skin. We have one full length body mat on the sofa and I like it covered if guests or animals want to come sit. As a tennis player, the “disc” (legal makes me use a different term) on my elbow was painful  and the “wrap” scratchy and stiff.   I made a thick sheep skin cover and it was sooo comfortable!   I wanted to keep the manufacturers cover for extra protection but with an extra soft fabric or vinyl cover I don’t worry about skin oils, make up or dirt.  The Sit cushion (which I love) was cold to sit on but with a cover it’s warm and cozy!

The second reason for making covers is because I wanted to give clients something special when they purchased their new PEMF device (instead of leaving with just a receipt).  After a purchase, we pulled out the covers so they could feel the fabrics, decide on their favorite combinations of colors and textures.

We also have many rentals. Every applicator has a cover to protect the original fabric from usage of different people. At the end of the rental, we toss everything into the wash, dry it and put it back on again ready to go.

Distributors using rentals or doing shows called to tell me that the people who laid on the full length body mat with the cover fell asleep and relaxed more than the people who used it uncovered (just one more layer of comfort).

When I’m not sewing, I’m a business coach for creative entrepreneurs and a very competitive tennis player!!

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